How To Manage Interior Design On A Budget

How To Manage Interior Design On A Budget - Sometimes the need to save money can put plans for decorating into disarray. Fear not though, as there are many smart ways to revamp your home’s interior on a budget, some of which are detailed below. You might also be surprised to learn that making decisions economically doesnt mean that style has to be compromised, so there’s no reason to splash out next time you plan to redecorate!

Initial appraisal

The first step should always be to think closely about the budget and the kind of results you hope to achieve. It may sound obvious but many a renovation project has come unstuck by incorrect calculations at the outset which then cause costs to spiral out of control. Always set realistic targets and try not to deviate from your initial plans, but also remember to budget accordingly for anything that might go wrong along the way.

Using what you already have

Most redecoration plans will take into account an effort to remove some clutter. Before throwing out your old belongings, however, it’s definitely worth making an effort to recoup some of your overall outlay by selling your wares to put some cash back into your pocket. The growth of the internet now means that it’s easier than ever to find a potential buyer. If that’s not an option, then think hard about re-purposing items from one room for use in another. Sometimes this tactic gets overlooked, but there’s a great feeling of satisfaction when it works.

Save on furniture

Furnishing your interior with chairs, tables and shelving can traditionally be one of the biggest monetary black holes, but it does’nt have to be this way. Once again it’s worth considering whether any other items of furniture in the house could be given a new lease of life, but otherwise the most popular solution is to pick up ‘freecycled’ goods that other people don’t need. It might take some work and a bit of luck to find a bargain in this way, but the financial rewards speak for themselves.

Wall-to-wall fixes

New paint or wallpaper are two of the most obvious ways to transform the look of a room, but sadly neither comes cheap. One idea is to forget the paint and wallpaper entirely and go for a contemporary bare brick look, but this isnt always a possibility. A quick and easy way to get a new look is to overlay a stencil or large-scale vinyl sticker over your walls. Elegant designs such as these floral wall art patterns look great in almost any room.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Adding the right accessories to a room can provide the perfect finishing touch, but do they have to be so expensive? Whether it’s a glass vase or a ceramic jar, these items are fairly ubiquitous and a trawl of second hand markets can easily lead to a bargain. Why not put your own craft skills to the test and create your own accessories – there’s a guaranteed feeling of satisfaction when your own work is displayed.


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