How do home furnishing experts study an interior space?

How do home furnishing experts study an interior space? - Dear friends, have you ever entered an empty room, without any furniture in it. Such a room always looks spacious, but lacks a "personality". The moment you start adding some furniture, the space starts to attract a face on itself. Depending upon the volume of the objects being put, the space gets altered in a dynamic fashion. A typical home consists of a living room,Bedroom(s), kitchen, toilet blocks, family room, study room etc.. All these spaces have their own specific function from the user's point of view.

To learn how bedrooms are designed visit When these spaces get furnished the previous identity of an empty space get blocked by the objects being placed. The face of the furniture object, is the new face of the room. Whenever you enter these rooms, you see the new face first, since the furniture occupies quite a bit of floor and wall space. Any habitual space also has one more important aspect attached to it.

Every habitual space always has windows as a necessary functional arrangement. Depending upon the function of the room the space can have doors as well. These openings in walls create a kind of attachment of the interior space with outside natural world. This is a very powerful aspect in any design project. If the outside flora and fauna is densely populated with natural elements such as trees, water, mountains, this reflects clearly and directly on the choice of furniture the designer would make in the inside spaces.

If the home is located in a crowd urban cityscape, the choice of design theme would be different. The choice of furniture is directly related to comfort level of every individual. Selecting furniture which goes with the entire theme as well as satisfies the person on the comfort scale can change the way the room feels. So the personality of an interior space is largely dependant on what's happening outside the space, rather than the space itself.

The outside events such a presence of seashore, flowing river, mountain ranges, snow falls, or even a highway full of traffic can greatly alter the furnishing. For example if your home is just next to a busy street, you might want to use cane curtains on windows which would cut-off all the noise easily. So the use of curtains has altered the face of the room to some extent and thus forces the designer to make appropriate choices for other objects in the room, which would easily merge with the texture, color, finish of the cane curtains.

On the other hand if your home is on a sea shore, you might go in for curtains which block the heavy wind, but don't block the beautiful view. Here again the room would have a different face and the entire theme makes a shift on itself.

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